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To link peoples in a world-wide benefits community and to create a partnership between merchants and customers.

• To provide outstanding level of constant creative services, Telecom, Banking, loyalty, ticketing, and many other value, in high security and commitment to our customers, through efficient technology and competitive products and services.

• To create a worldwide business community, new concept of a social, service and payment network exchange. Available in all platform including windows. It is the revolution of social network, patented worldwide.


We have developed the following list of core values that are truly important to us as an organization.
These values are constant, don’t waiver from situation to situation or person to person, but rather they are the foundation for our company culture.

Committing to partnerships for outstanding results, being responsive to customer needs, creating long-term relationships,
enabling clients to become high-performance businesses, and consistently delivering value beyond expectations.

Engaging, developing and retaining the best talent, motivating them to reach their potential,
And promoting teamwork in a mutually supportive environment with a “can-do” attitude

Treating others as you would like to be treated. Learning to give first, give of yourself, take that leap of faith, and trust that those that will receive your message or service will be accepting of the heart that you put into it.
Being honest, trustworthy, respectful, consistent and ethical in our actions. Honoring our commitments and maintaining accountability for our actions, successes and failures.

We believe our pursuit of performance excellence will drive the results that differentiate us from our competitors by our staying focused on what is important,
establishing clear expectations and importantly celebrating our successes as well as leveraging lessons learned. We also continuously look for new ways to improve our products, services and processes.

APM Automated Partnership Management

APM is a revolutionary technology that aims at facilitating the process between suppliers and both their existing and potential merchants by creating a user-friendly commercial platform which enables the merchant to acquire all their goods and services seamlessly from one place all while receiving extensive features and benefits that would not be possible anywhere else.



Telepaty continued its dedication and commitment to the ICT industry and exceeded all expectations by holding the best

and largest high-level executive ICT gathering. who continue to provide the highest level of service to their client base.